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Sharanya Ari IAS

AIR 7 ,UPSC CSE 2016

 “Sivarajavel sir was able to refine my answer writing in Sociology as well as General Studies ”.

“The kind of knowledge and poise that Sivarajavel sir has in delivering any kind of subject shows his passion for teaching”

Bhavani Sri IAS

AIR 417,UPSC CSE 2016

“Sivarajavel sir is doing great work in sociology and other subject in CSE”
“He helped me to shape my ideas in the subject of sociology…..”

“His classes were very good it helped me to cover the optional in 2½ months.

Sai Murali IFS

AIR 425,UPSC CSE 2019

“Sir helped me to restructure the answers based on demand of question”

“320+ in sociology in definitely achievable with right kind of strategy and proper guidance like Sivarajavel Sir”.

“Sir was very meticulous in adding all the details which could value to our answers and understanding the concepts.”

“Sir has been a complete mentor to me throughout my journey”.

“Sir has ably guided me to a score like 320+ which could otherwise been unimaginable

“Sir know precisely of what is expected of every student”

“The most part of preparation in sociology I was referring to class notes supplemented with given materials.”

Ankit Asokan IPS

AIR 448 ,UPSC CSE 2018

“I never thought I could cross the 300 mark barrier in sociology but with Sivarajavel sir class, guidance, test series, discussion of answers and rewriting of answers I was able to score more than 300+”

“I was finding very difficult to complete the syllabus but with Sivarajavel sir hit list, test series and discussed answers made the syllabus to fit into a finite area”

“I read all the materials of Sivarajavel sir. Whatever I have heard from Sivarajavel sir classes the same concepts they’ve asked in interview.”

Illamathy IRS

AIR 752 ,UPSC CSE 2017

“My mains writing was really bad with Sivarajavel sir guidance ,I was able to improve.

“My International Relations was completely weak, my I.R. marks began to improve with Sivarajavel sir classes”

“I don’t know anything about sociology previously my optional was Geography. It was sociology which made me to achieve the success”

“Hitlist by Sivarajavel sir shaped my marks in Sociology.

Vaithyanathan IAS

AIR 37 ,UPSC CSE 2016

“He was more than sir, he was my mentor for the preparation”.

“Sir’s sociology test discussion helps us to revise the syllabus the 2nd time.

“You can clear any kind of doubts in subject to Sivarajavel sir”.

“More than the hall ticket, we would be waiting more for hitlist”.

More than 80-90% of questions of Hit list would be coming in exam”

“I owe my thanks to Sivarajavel sir”.

Selvan NagaRathnam IPS

AIR 129,UPSC CSE 2014

“Sivarajavel sir was very good in helping us understand sociology…..

Sivarajavel sir classes was very instrumental in helping me score a good score in optional.

Shanmuga Valli IRS

AIR 108,UPSC CSE 2020

Main reason for me clearing Civil Service Exam is sociology optional……
Thanks a lot for Sivarajavel sir for guiding me throughout the exam process ”
Sociology is a biggest booster in mains”.

Raghul IPS

AIR 672,UPSC CSE 2020

“Sivarajavel sir help arrived at the right time and it was handy.

At Sivarajavel IAS academy ,I was able to utilize the best of the staff ,infrastructure in the civil service ecosystem which helped me to clear the examination “

“staffs are fully equipped about and CSE constantly motivated me to achieve the success”.

Thamarai Priya IRS

AIR 424,UPSC CSE 2020

“I have been writing test series here… Sivarajavel sir’s personal inputs has helped me to secure good marks in sociology……
He helped me to change my strategy and to include current affairs in sociology…..”

Angeline Renita IAS

AIR 338,UPSC CSE 2021

I studied sociology in Sivarajavel IAS Academy, sir helped me to secure more marks in socio optional……”

Sivarajavel Sir gave a standard intro and conclusion in sociology which helped me to complete the paper”.

Rajiv IIS

AIR 724,UPSC CSE 2020

For sociology my mentor is Sivarajavel Sir

“His right guidance course correction during test series timely motivation enabled me to achieve this feat and I personally dedicate this success to him”.

Sathiyanandhi Deputy Collector

State 2nd Rank 2022 - TNPSCGROUPI

The faculties at Sivarajavel IAS academy were instrumental in my success.

Inputs through Metis (mains programme in TNPSC) helped me secure good marks in my mains.